About Us

 Arthur and Heather Naldoza
 Owners/Level 1 CrossFit Trainers

“I’m a wife and mother of four.  I don’t have time for that.”   That was my excuse for not exercising.  In October of 2009 my friend encouraged me to run a 5k.  Knowing I wouldn’t be doing much running I agreed.  After I finished I felt a sense of accomplishment that I had never known before.  With my adrenalin pumping I foolishly agreed to run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon the following year.  I began training.  Running further and further every day.   Feeling stronger and stronger everyday.  I finished the Half Marathon and was amazed at how great I felt.  I continued running after the half marathon, but felt I was lacking something.  My husband encouraged me to do CrossFit workouts with him in our garage.  I had no idea what a box jump or squat clean was, but I was game to try something new.   I loved the workouts!  The constantly varied workouts kept me wanting more.  I will never forget the feeling of my first kipping pull-up.  Breaking my PR on a deadlift.  Owning a CrossFit gym and being able to train others to experience moments like those are so fulfilling.  We are a family at Rio City CrossFit.  We all support, motivate, and push each other to new levels.  CrossFit has changed me.  I’m still a wife and mother of four, but CrossFit is something that I will always have time for.  The question is, do you?


Hi my name is Arthur and I am a Sagittarius…….just kidding.  Everyone remembers their first CrossFit work out.  Mine, well needless to say I was left crumpled on the floor looking like a wet, steaming pile of, well you get the idea.  I really was hooked from that point on.  I love the lifestyle.  I also love sharing it with others and take a father’s pride when a member of our family reaches a  new milestone or PR.  I believe that everyone who trains at Rio City CrossFit are family.  If you have done any research at all on CrossFit you have undoubtably heard of the Group Dynamic that we CrossFiters are so proud of. We are social creatures and I believe we do our best work in the company of like-minded individuals.  Step inside of our gym to see it and feel it.  Try a workout to truly experience it!  Our members range in age from teens to late fifties.  All are welcome in our gym and we firmly believe that CrossFit is for everyone. We are committed to the basics and the foundational movements of CrossFit.  Translation: we squat a lot!  Ok back to me,  I have a Law Enforcement/Military and Martial Arts background primarily as an Officer, Agent, Tactical Operator and Tactical Trainer.  I played organized sports through high school. Got into triathlons and Mud Runs as an adult. I still find the time to surf, free dive, kayak and snowboard.  In late 2010 I received my Level 1 certification and have not looked back. To borrow an old saying “we sell steak not sizzle”.


Eric Stoll – Bio and Pic coming soon!


  Tina Johnson – Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
 Bio Coming Soon!

Jake Guerin – Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
Bio Coming Soon!
Peter Radlick – Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
 I have been an avid cross fitter for several years. I am happily married to my beautiful wife Katie. I have two amazing kids that keep me very busy. I have been active in sports and outdoor activities all my life. Through the years I have played soccer, racquet ball, raced bicycles competitively, and enjoyed swimming, skateboarding and surfing. Recently I finished three Tough Mudder competitions and a half-marathon.  I have participated in the CrossFit Open twice.  I am coming into my own as a Certified Cross Fit Trainer and I really enjoy working with others and exposing them to the CrossFit lifestyle.
Kayla Rye-Szabo – Coaching Intern 
My passion for athletics began at a young age. In kindergarten I joined my very first team: soccer. My drive and determination extended far beyond the wanting to win games- I loved being a part of a team. Joining soccer created a family environment for me that I interacted with on and off the field. The closeness of my team drove me to want a year-round athletic experience on a different type of playing field. At age 7 I joined a swim team in the summer. As I continued with both teams, throughout the years, I decided to focus on water sports, as I got ready to enter middle school. I joined a local water polo club in the fall with a few swimming friends and enjoyed developing bonds with teammates, coaches and competitors, as they all belonged to the same community in both swimming and water polo. I concluded my time in the water the summer before high school began. I had thought long and hard about trying out for the women’s volleyball team and finally decided to give it a go. I made the team and played passionately for my first two years of high school for both a competitive team and my school’s team. To cross train, my team began working out at my parents’ CrossFit box. This gave me an even stronger family bond- working with both my team and my parents. As my time on the volleyball team came to an end, my liking for CrossFit developed into a love for CrossFit. I have dedicated the last three years to volunteering and spending as much time in my family’s box as possible. My passion for turning a team into a family shows through in my work at the box, while the variety of the workouts continually challenge me to better myself as a person and a teammate day-after-day. I look forward to continuing my CrossFit journey and I am excited to see what it has in store for me.



Brent Hosoume – Coaching Intern

I have played sports all of my life. Almost since birth. Baseball, basketball, golf, martial arts, flag football. I did a lot of sports in the early years of my life. So I do consider myself an athlete. Before CrossFit, basketball was my way of staying in moderate shape. I started playing in kindergarten and continue to play to this day. Basketball stuck with me more than the other sports I played as a kid. I played in middle school and won a championship there, but did not want try out for the high school squad. So I found myself with almost no opportunities to continue to keep myself in good shape. Then Rio City CrossFit opened in July of 2011, run by two family friends. I was reluctant to go as I had not done anything since the end of the middle school basketball in January and did not want to seem out of shape. But I went anyways and was hooked from the first class. The first movement I learned was the deadlift, which I did totally wrong and ruined my back for the rest of the week. But I came back nonetheless. And have been coming ever since. In October of 2011, I was given another opportunity: to coach the middle school basketball team. Again reluctant, I accepted the position and ended up having a great time- so great I came back the next year and the next year. So now I coach a basketball team and coach a little at Rio City CrossFit, while working out on a daily basis. Well as Coach Arthur says: “We can rest when we die.”



  1. Art – Congrats to you and Heather on the new box. I left you a message a while back regarding your earlier call, but never heard back. I assume everything turned out fine. Still, if you have any questions feel free to drop me an email and we’d be happy to help.

    Welcome to the CF community and best of luck!

    Ian & Allison Carver
    CrossFit Centurion

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